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The Irish Rugby team do not as yet have a nickname

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Q: What is the nickname of the Irish rugby team?
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What is the Irish national rugby team nickname?

Strangely enough the Irish Rugby Union tean do not have a nickname.

The name of rugby team with nickname the exiles?

London Irish.

What is the Ireland rugby team name?

Its simply called The Irish team or Ireland. They do not have a nickname as of yet

What is the nickname for the Scotland rugby team?

The Scotland rugby team has no nickname.

What is the nickname for England rugby team?

The England rugby team doesn't have an official nickname

Who is number 10 on the Irish rugby team?

number ten on the Irish Rugby team is Jonathen Sexton

What is the nickname of the south Australian rugby union team?

The South Australian Rugby Union team have the nickname the "Black Falcons"

What is the nickname for Canadian rugby team?

the Canadian national rugby team is called (nickname I think) Canucks or the Maple Leafs.

What is the name of the Irish rugby team?

The Ireland National Rugby Union Team.

What is the nickname for the ireland rugby team?

There isn't a nickname for the Irish rugby team perhaps there should be one... England also don't have one and i dont think scotland either - Wales are refered to as Dragons. Ireland maybe Warriors after our celtic warrior ancestors

Does London Irish rugby team play rugby league or rugby union?

rugby union

Which world rugby team are called lions?

The nickname "lions" is used to refer to the British and Irish Lions - A team made up of the best from the UK and Irish rugby union teams. This includes uncapped players who have missed national opportunities but are recognised for the Lions cap.

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