What is the nickname of kilmarnock fc?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Q: What is the nickname of kilmarnock fc?
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Where do kilmarnock fc train?

Rugby park

Who is the best soccer team of all time?


What is FC Utrecht's nickname?

"Utreg" is the nickname for FC Utrecht.

Who scored the winning goal for Kilmarnock FC in the 2011 2012 season Scottish League Cup final against Celtic FC?

Dean Shiels

What is Chelsea FC's nickname?

Chelsea FC's nickname is 'The Blues', and previously, ' The Pensioners'.

What is FC Twente's nickname?

"The Tukkers" and "The Reds" are nicknames for FC Twente.

Who won the Scottish cup in 1997?

Kilmarnock FC won the 1997 Scottish Cup. They beat Falkirk FC in the final held at Ibrox Stadium with Paul Wright scoring the winning goal.

What is bury fc's nickname?

The Shakers

What is the nickname of Bournemouth FC?

The Cherries

What is watford fc's nickname?

the hornets

What is Lewes FC's nickname?

The Rooks

What is Celtic fc's nickname?