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it was erik

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Q: What is the nickname of julius ervings nickname?
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Why was Julius ervings nickname drd?

friend from ny called him nickname while playing pickup game because of the way he operated with the ball.

Is erving walker Julius ervings son?


Julius ervings shoe size?

16 1/2

What is Julius ervings's nickname?

erve which in latin is known as a fellow guardian angel over jeruslam which is irrelivant but thought it may help you towards your goals in this intresting question.

What is Julius Erving nickname?

Julius Erving went by the nickname Dr. J.

How is Julius erving famous?

Julius Erving's nickname is "Dr. J".

Julius erving nickname?

Doctor Jay

How big were Julius ervings or dr js hands?

I've heard that they were a little over eleven inches from wrist to fingertip, and pretty much swallowed other people's hands like a whale.

Which NBA player had the nickname Doc?

Julius Erving

Julius erving' s nickname?

Dr. J

Nickname what Julius erving?

Dr. J or The Doctor.

What was Caligula's nickname?

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was his real name and his nickname is Caligula