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The scummers

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Q: What is the nickname of Southampton football club?
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Where do the Saints FC play their home games?

Saints FC is a nickname for the British football club Southampton FC. This club is based in Southampton, Hampshire and plays their home games in the stadium there. This stadium is called St Mary's.

Why do Portsmouth football club and Southampton football club hate each other?

they are rivals

What is Southampton Twitter handle?

The Twitter handle of Southampton Football club is @SouthamptonFC.

Which club plays at St Marys Football Club?

It is the English club Southampton.

Biggest football club in the world?


Who owns Southampton football club?

Katharina Liebherr

When did Southampton Football Club win the F.A cup?


What football club does Eljero Elia play for?

Eljero Elia plays for the English club Southampton.

Latest news on new manager for Southampton football club?

Nigel Adkins is currently the manager of Southampton and is not looking to leave his job.

Arsenal football club nickname?

The nickname for arsenal is The gunners.

What is the nickname of Everton?

The nickname for Everton football club is 'The toffees'

Southampton fc wage bill?

Southampton Football Club is one of the clubs currently playing in the English Premier League. The wage bill of Southampton FC is 64 million pounds.

How much is Southampton football club worth?

Roughly £15 million as of January 2011

Which football team's nickname is the foxes?

Leicester City Football Club.

What is the nickname for burnley?

All I know is that the nickname for Burnley Football Club is the Clarets.

Liverpools football club nickname?

The reds.

What is the nickname of Liverpool Football Club?

The Reds.

What football teams nickname is the silkmen?

Flint Town United Football Club

Which football club nickname is partner?

there is no football clubs which are nicknamed partner sorry :(

What is the nickname of westbrom football club?

the Baggies is the offical nickname of West Bromwich Albion.

What is the nickname of norwich football club?

The Canaries, I do believe.

Which English football club has the nickname the rams?


What is the nickname of Manchester City football club?


The nickname of Mansfield Town Football Club?

the stags

What is England football club nickname?

Three Lions.