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Marion Barber III is often referred to as MB3.

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Q: What is the nickname of Cowboys running back Marion Barber?
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Where did Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber go to college?

University of Minnesota

Who is Marion Barber?

As of the 2007 season, Marion Barber has been a running back for the Dallas Cowboys since the 2005 season. His father, also named Marion Barber, was a running back for the New York Jets between 1982-1988. Also nicknamed Marion The Barbarian so ha! Always loved by Dallas fans (like myself)

Who is currently considered to be the Cowboys inside-the-20 and 3rd down running back?


How much does Marion barber weigh?

The Cowboys running back is listed as 5'11" and 218 pounds.

What did dallas cowboys running back Marion barber go to?

He played college football at the University of Minnesota.

Who was number 24 for the Dallas Cowboys in 2009?

Running back Marion Barber III wore No. 24 for the Dallas Cowboys from 2005 to 2010.

What number did Marion barber wear in pro football for the cowboys?

Marion Barber III wore No. 24 for the Dallas Cowboys from 2005 to 2010.

How long do the cowboys have Marion barber?

1 year

What former gophers running back plays for the cowboys but missed playing against the steelers on Dec 7th?

Marion Barber III

Who is number 24 on the Dallas cow boys?

The current player wearing number 24 for the Dallas Cowboys is running back Marion Barber.

What team in the football season of 2008 is Marion barber playing for?

The Dallas Cowboys.

Who plays 24 on nfl dallas cowboys team?

In 2011, Marion Barber