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Generally accepted to be Gilly.

Has used nickname Church during some T20 internationals. (In Australia players shirts have a nominated nickname on the back of their shirts rather than their surname as is the case for ODIs)

Origins of the nickname Gilly: Widely assumed to be derived from the surname Gilchrist but unproven.

Origins of the nickname Church: Adam Gilchrist was once mistakenly called Eric Gilchurch by a young fan.

Origins of the young fans error: Possibly confused church and christ in the second syllable of the name. Reason for confusing Eric and Adam yet to have a concise theory. One theory proposed was that the young fan confused the names because they are both common names starting with a vowel. However this theory has since been ridiculed by the majority of the nickname analysis community.

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The nicknames of Adam Gilchrist are gilli,church,churchy and gillchurchy.

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Q: What is the nickname of Adam gilchrist?
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What is the birth name of Adam Gilchrist?

Adam Gilchrist's birth name is Adam Craig Gilchrist.

What nicknames does Adam Gilchrist go by?

Adam Gilchrist goes by Gilly.

When was Adam Gilchrist born?

Adam Gilchrist was born on November 14, 1971.

What is Adam Gilchrist's birthday?

Adam Gilchrist was born on November 14, 1971.

Where does Adam Gilchrist live?

Adam Gilchrist lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Who is a better wicket keeper between MS Dhoni and Adam Gilchrist?

Adam gilchrist

Aussie cricketer Adam Gilchrist's biography?

Adam gilchrist has written true colours:my life

How old is Adam Gilchrist?

Adam Gilchrist is 39 years old (birthdate: November 14, 1971).

What year was Adam Gilchrist born?

Adam Gilchrist was born on 14 November 1971 at Bellingen Hospital, Bellingen, New South Wales. His full name when he was born was registered as Adam Craig Gilchrist.

What is Adam Gilchrist's jersey number?

The jersey number of Adam Gilchrist is 99, becasue he believed this number is his lucky number.

Is Adam gilchrist related to tianna gilchrist?

Maybe. But if they were they would be 3rd cosuins

Is Adam Gilchrist a christian?