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The England Rugby team doesn't have an official nickname

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At this stage they do not have one.

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Three Lions

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Q: What is the nickname for the England netball team?
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When was England Netball created?

Netball was invented in 1895 by Clara Gregory Baer, netball is now the pre-eminent women's team, but i don't know what country

When can you play netball for England?

When you are good enough and get selected for the team.

How long has the Australian netball team been called the diamonds?

For 4 years. In 2008 the team adopted the nickname "Diamonds."

Where does England netball team train and play?

in sprinfield in the burning tyres

What is Rachel Dunn famous for?

Rachel Dunn is an international netball player from England. She is most known for playing for the England National netball team, winning a silver medal at the 2010 World Netball Series.

What netball team is the best internationally?

Either Nieu-Zeeland ot Australie/England . . .

What football team is given the nickname 'spirits'?

There is not a football team in England with the nickname of the spirits. However, there is a team called the Spirites, given to the team in Chesterfield.

Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

Who is englands netball team main sponsor?

Tom - the England netball squad/team has many sponsorsJeff - sure they do why do u ask i hear well let my friend tell youJim - hi yes yes im the friend waz up lyzz xxxTom & Jeff - thank-you! and good niteJim - I LOVE THE ENGLAND NETBALL SQUAD

Who is the most best netball team?

The best netball team is the swifts

Where are the Vixens netball team from?

The Melbourne Vixens is a netball team that is from Melbourne, Australia.

Where does the fever netball team come from?

The Fever Netball team comes from WA (Western Australia)