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there are no nickname's for any national football team

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Q: What is the nickname for English national football team?
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What is the nickname of the German national football team?

Nationalef (National Eleven) Mannschaft (The Team) Nationalmannschaft (National Team)

What is the nickname of the New Zealand national football team?

Their nickname is the "All Whites."

Which national football team has the nickname azzuri?


Nickname of the Russian National Football Team?

Red army

What is the nickname of Brazil's national football team?

samba boys

What does allez les bleus mean in English?

'Les Bleus' is the nickname for the French national football team - so it means 'Go on the Blues!'

What is the nickname of Nigerian football team?

The Nigerian national football team is also known as the Super Eagles.

What is the official nickname of Nigerian national football team?

Eagles of Nigeria

What is the English national rugby team nickname?

The Red and Whites

What is the nickname of the Icelandic football team?

The Icelandic football team is known as Strákarnir okkar - which translates as "our boys" from Icelandic to English.

Which football team's nickname is Red Devils?

Manchester United F.C. The Belgian National Team The Congo National Team

What is the nickname of the English football team?

the hedgehogs! no joke :L

Nickname of the Spanish National Football team?

La Roja and La Furia Roja.

What is the nickname of the American national football team?

The Stars and the Stripes The Yanks

What sport does the team Matildas play?

The Matildas is the nickname used by the Australian women's national association football team.

Who is the captain of English national football team?

Steven Gerrard.

What is the nickname of the Louisiana State football team?

The nickname of the Louisiana State football team is the Tigers. The nickname was first coined in 1896 after an undefeated football season.

What professional football team is the proud Americans?

There is no National Football team named the "Proud Americans" But if that was a nickname for a team, my closest guess would be the New England Patriots

When did English football team last win a tournament?

A domestic team or the national team? The English National team won the world cup in 1966 Manchester United won the champions League in 2008

What football team is given the nickname 'spirits'?

There is not a football team in England with the nickname of the spirits. However, there is a team called the Spirites, given to the team in Chesterfield.

What is the nickname of the Saudi national football team?

They called as rapist, because they rape everything including camels

What does Bafana Bafana mean?

The nickname of south African national football team is Bafana Bafana (The Boys)

The nickname for the Ghanian national football team was once a beer produced by SAB Ltd?

The Black Stars.

What Sports' teams nicknames start with the letter c?

Cardinals is the nickname of the Saint Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball team. Cowboys is the nickname of the Dallas Cowboys National Football League team. Coyotes is the nickname of the Phoenix Coyotes National Hockey League team.

What is Brazil's football team's nickname?

which football team is nicknamed the samba kings