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Consol Energy Center

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Q: What is the new Pittsburgh penguins arena called?
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Oldest arena in order in the NHL?

The New York Islanders play in the oldest arena, the Phoenix Coyotes play in the newest. In the 2010-2011 NHL season, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have the newest arena.

What is Mellon Arena?

Mellon Arena (formerly the Civic Auditorium and Civic Arena, nicknamed The Igloo) is an arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is named for Mellon Financial, which purchased the naming rights in 1999 and was the world's first major indoor sports stadium with a retractable roof. It primarily serves as the home to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the city's National Hockey League (NHL) franchise, though the Penguins will be moving to its new arena, the Consol Energy Center at the start of the 2010-2011 season.

What is the Pittsburgh river wizards real team name?

It was announced at Arena bowl 23 that the name of the new AFL team in Pittsburgh would be called the Pittsburgh Power

What is the oldest NHL arena?

so wrong ..the rangers have only played at Madison garden [From all other articles it says that the mellon formerly civic arena is the oldest arena that still serves as a nhl team arena .The team that plays there as now are the Pittsburgh penguins ]

Where do the Pittsburgh Penguins stay when they are in New Jersey?

New Jersey.

What Conference are the Pittsburgh Penguins in?

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in the Eastern Conference. Other teams that belong to the Eastern Conference include the New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils and Boston Bruins.

What is the name of the arena that The Toronto Maple Leafs play in?

Canadiens play in the Bell Centre, (or Centre-Bell in French).

Is there going to be a new stick arena?

yes and it will be called stick arena ballistick

There is a new cartoon on TV featuring penguins do you know what it is called?

The Penguins of Madagascar .

What will the University of Kentucky's new basketball arena be called?

They are not even sure if it will be built. yes it will you liarr..and its gonna be called rupp arena jr.

Who is a sport team of hockey?

In ice hockey, there are many. The New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings are a few.

What are some meeting venues in Pittsburgh?

There are a large variety of meeting venues in Pittsburgh, PA for groups of every size. Some of these venues include Kingston Hall, Mellon Arena, and New Hazlett Theater.