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nba 09 the inside

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Q: What is the new NBA game where you go from the streets to the NBA?
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What do you do if your NBA 2K13 freezes at the Jay-Z Introduction?

Go back to the place youbought it and tell them. Otherwise buy a new game.

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Can you simulate games in nba 2k13?

Yes you can stimulate games in nba sk13. To do this one must go to the settings and go to replay or stimulate the game. Then click on the stimulate game button.

Can nba go into 5 overtimes?

If a game is that miraculous then Yes it can go 5 overtimes

On the 2K11 NBA menu how do you go to an online league?

To go to online leagues you have to go to game modes.

Is there 3point challeges on NBA 2k10?

Yes. Go to the NBA blacktop in game modes, then click 3 point contest

Can you start a season in NBA 2K11?

yes all you have to do is go to game modes and its there

In NBA 2k13 where do you go to versus the dream team?

You go to game modes and select Dream Team

Where is the dunk contest on NBA 2k10?

to get to the NBA 2k10 dunk contest go to the menu. From there select game modes. After that go to NBA Blacktop. Dunk Contest is first on the list, But the ps2 doesn't have it

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No. He was drafted by the Phoenix Suns and was cut by the team. He never played in an NBA game. He then went to play in the CBA.

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Nba Live is more challenging when you're playing online or by yourself but, NBA 2k10 is more challenging in a new mode called 'My player'. Personaly i prefer Nba 2k10 because NBA live gets boring after about 1-2monthes. If you like to cheat against your friends on nba 2K10, then, that's the game for you.