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Between 2000-2016, The New England Patriots home record is 110-26, an 80.88% win percentage.

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Q: What is the new England patriots home record since 2000?
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What is the New England Patriots record since 2000?

163-61 since 2000

What NFL team has the best record since 2000?

New England Patriots

What is the head to head record for the New England Patriots vs the Indianapolis Colts since 2000?

Since 2000, the New England Patriots have gone 6-3 versus the Indianapolis Colts in the regular season. In post season play The Patriots are 2-1 versus the Colts since 2000.

When was the last time the patriots had a losing record?

The 2000 New England Patriots went 5-11. They have not had a losing season since then.

When was Tom Brady in the New England Patriots since?

Tom Brady was the quarterback for the New England Patriots since 1999, but Tom Brady was drafted in 2000.

How long has Tom Brady been with the New England Patriots?

Tom Brady has been a member of the New England Patriots since the 2000 season.

What NFL team has most wins in November since 2000?

NEW ENGLAND patriots

What is the New England Patriots overall win loss record from 2000 to 2010?

126 - 50. In 2000 New England was 5 - 11. From 2001 to 2010 they were 121 - 39

Who beat the patriots in the Super Bowl since 2001?

No one, the patriots have won every Super Bowl they have been in since Bill Belicheck came to New England in 2000.

How long has Tom Brady been an active pro?

Since 2000, when he was drafted by the New England Patriots.

How many times has the Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots since 2000?

Nine times.

Which Teams have won the Super bowl since 2000?

2000 Baltimore Ravens, 2001 New England Patriots, 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2003 New England Patriots, 2004 New England Patriots, 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2006 Indianapolis Colts, 2007 New York Giants, 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers

Who has more wins in the NFL since 1994?

Since 1994, the New England Patriots have won a total of 146 games, 163 counting the playoffs, and 3 Super Bowls. In that time frame, the Patriots only missed the playoffs 4 years and had a losing record for 2 of them. (6-10 in 1995 and 5-11 in 2000.)

Since the year 2000 how many times have the New England Patriots made the nfl playoffs?

8 times

What is Denver Broncos record against New England Patriots since year 2000?

The Denver Broncos are 6-7 versus the New England Patriots since 2000. 10/01/00 Denver Broncos 19 New England Patriots 28 10/28/01 Denver Broncos 31 New England Patriots 20 10/27/02 Denver Broncos 24 New England Patriots 16 11/03/03 Denver Broncos 26 New England Patriots 30 10/16/05 Denver Broncos 28 New England Patriots 20 01/14/06 Denver Broncos 27 New England Patriots 13 08/24/06 Denver Broncos 17 New England Patriots 7 10/20/08 Denver Broncos 7 New England Patriots 41 10/11/09 Denver Broncos 20 New England Patriots 17 12/18/11 Denver Broncos 23 New England Patriots 41 01/14/12 Denver Broncos 10 New England Patriots 45 10/07/12 Denver Broncos 21 New England Patriots 31 11/24/13 Denver Broncos 31 New England Patriots 34

Who has the current longest tenure in the NFL?

Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots has been the team's head coach since the 2000 season.

How many games did the patriots win in 2000?

In 2000 the patriots won 5 games. Their record was 5 and 11, finishing last in their division.

What NFL team cheated by filming since 2000?

None. The New England Patriots were fined for sideline videotaping, but the rule in question allowed such taping.

What was the patriots win loss record in 2000?


What team did Tom Brady get traded to?

Tom Brady has never been traded. He has played for the New England Patriots since 2000.

What is the Dallas Cowboys record since 2000?

Since 2000 the Dallas Cowboys record is 77-76.

When was Tom Brady in the New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots was drafted Tom Brady in the sixth round (199th overall) in the 2000 NFL Draft

What year did bil belicheck get hired by the New England Patriots?


Who was the starting QB for the New England Patriots in 2000?

Drew Bledsoe.

How many years has Bill Belichick been the Patriots' head coach?

Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the New England Patriots since 2000. He is entering his tenth season as Head Coach and is under contract until 2013.