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Texas 56 wins Arkansas 21

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Q: What is the ncaa football record for Texas vs Arkansas?
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What is the ncaa football record for mississippi vs Arkansas?

Arkansas leads the all-time series against Mississippi 31-26-1 as of the start of the 2012 season.

What is the NCAA football record for Arkansas versus Oklahoma State?

Arkansas leads the all time series 30-15-1. The teams last met in 1980.

What ncaa football team has the hardest schedule?


What is the NCAA football record for Tennessee vs Arkansas?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Tennessee leads the all-time series 12-3.

How many NCAA football championships has the Texas A and M University won?

Texas A&M won the NCAA Football National Championship in 1939.

How many NCAA Football Championships have the Texas Longhorns won?

The Texas Longhorns have the won three NCAA Football Championships: 1963, 1969, and 2005

Who are the NCAA 1-a football schools?

Texas @ Texas Tech Texas @ Texas Tech

What is the single season record for completion percentage in D -1A NCAA Football?

76.7% held by Colt McCoy of the University of Texas

Who has won a NCAA baseball and football championship?


What was the longest college football game ever?

The Ole Miss and Arkansas 2001 game went into 7 overtimes, an NCAA D-1A record. Arkansas won 58-56. Also on November 1, 2003, the Arkansas and Kentucky game tied the record with another 7 overtimes. Arkansas won 71 - 68.

Who holds the the record for consecutive completions in NCAA football?


At which university in Texas is the Longhorns football program?

The Texas Longhorns football program is available at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. The team competes in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision.