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In the draft combine which you must purchase is a game which follows NBA2k10. You must create a player on 2k10 and as you build him up you can buy the NBA draft combine and get him drafted to the NBA. There you can play with him as an NBA star.

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Q: What is the nba2k10 draft combine?
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Does the NBA have a combine for draft picks?

The NBA holds an annual pre-draft combine for prospective draftees. The combine participants are selected by the votes of each of the NBA'a franchises.

Which will be better nba2k10 or nba live 10?


Is the nba draft combine on the wii?


How do you slam dunk in nba2k10 for xbox360?

Matt m has the most dunks on nba2k10

Does the NHL have a combine for draft picks?

Yes it does.

When did the NBA draft combine start?


Do you have to buy draft combine in nba2k11?

No you do not have to buy it.

Do you need NBA 2K10 draft combine to do my player mode on NBA 2K10?

No you can do my player mode on nba 2k10 you need draft combine only if you wanna get drafted after you complete it

How much do you have to pay to get in the NBA draft?

You don't pay money. You play in the Draft Combine and then you might get drafted.

How do you put your NBA 2k10 draft combine player to my player mode on NBA 2k10?

You shouldn't do it anyway because you start off better in my player mode without draft combine. My guy is a 99 overall in the begining of his 2nd season. So you should just play without the draft combine and you will end up like me.

What is the NBA draft combine?

The NBA draft combine is a combine in Chicago, Illinois that takes place every year before the actual NBA draft. It allows players to increase their stock by showing how good their vertical leap is, how fast they can spring, etc. Many tests are done to check physical capabilities. No actual basketball drills are performed.

Do all people that make the NFL combine make it to the NFL?

No, the NFL Combine is a "tryout" for the NFL. It helps to determine draft value and doesn't guarantee getting drafted or even picked up as a free agent after the draft.

Is NBA 2k10 different from NBA 2k10 draft combine?

NBA 2K10 is the upcoming (as of Sept 09) video game from 2K sports, while NBA 2k10 Draft Combine is a mini game released to hype the 2K10 full game. NBA Draft Combine 2K10 Features: Enhance your NBA 2K10 experience with this exclusive game from 2K Sports that allows you to create your own custom NBA player and live the life of an NBA hopeful going through the real NBA Draft Combine in Chicago's Attack Gym. Improve your game through drills and Draft Combine scrimmages to increase your NBA draft stock; then pick up a copy of NBA 2K10 to find your created player waiting for you in the all-new My Player mode to experience the NBA Draft and begin your path to NBA stardom.

Is there a NBA2k10 for the Wii?

now there is

Is there going to be a nba2k10?


Nba 2k10 how to get to draft combine?

You go on Xbox live with points and buy it

Who's the best player in nba2k10?

jamal crawford

How do you get draft to the NBA on NBA 2k10?

In NBA 2k10, you must buy the "NBA 2K Draft Combine" Game, and upload your my player onto NBA 2K10.

What is the NHL Combine?

The NHL combine is when all of the prospects for next years draft are tested physically and mentally (interviews) in front of and by the scouts for NHL each team

How much does NBA2K10 cost?

around $50

What did Terrence Newman run on the 40 yard dash?

He ran 4.38 at the '03 draft combine

What is the measure of Gerald Green's vertical?

39" According to Chad Ford at the NBA Draft Combine 46" According to the man himself, Gerald Green (since the Draft Combine) I have also read and heard from (less reliable) sources that it was as high as 48"

Does nba2k10 for ps2 have your player mode?

they have for every sysytem

NBA2k10 or NBA live 2010?

Nba 2k10

What is Chris Johnson's 40 time?

4.24 at the NFL Combine (Fastest at combine history). not 4.24 is correct and it's the second fastest Safety in this years draft beat him out