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the nature of the Baseball is natural and the background is stadium

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Q: What is the nature and background of the game baseball?
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What is the background nature of the game softball?

The background nature of the game of softball started in 1887 in Chicago, Illinois. Softball was a variant of baseball that was played on a bigger field and with a bigger ball.

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nature and background of basketball

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What is the nature of the game baseball?

i don't know..bkt hindi moh itanong sa teacher moh

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What is the nature of basketball game?

The nature of a basketball is the wind and you :) your face!

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Out of the blue my lonely voice called you out who am i?

Umpire at a baseball game.

What is the angels game about?

The game is a baseball game so it is about baseball to see who wins.......but if you don't know or learn from this you should go to a baseball game

Background of a indigenous game diketo?

its from Africa

Why do you need to use a baseball in a baseball game?

Because the game is called "Baseball"

What is a night game in baseball?

A night game in baseball is a game played at night.

What is the background of the softball?

Softball developed as a younger version of baseball. Softball was started by elements of other sports of which were boating, boxing and football. A boating club, a boxing glove and a football game were key parts in the very first game of softball.

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if i know ill give d answer 2 u dba

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How many referees are in a baseball game?

There are four referees in a baseball game.

What is a point in a baseball game?

A point in the game of baseball is called a "run".

How does a baseball same to the game baseball?

You use a baseball to play the game baseball. If you really look at the name you see the first part of the word is base. In the game of baseball you run the bases every time you get a hit.