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Football (or soccer) is the most popular sport in Brazil. The national team has won the FIFA World Cup five times, and is considered one of the premiere soccer teams in the world.

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Bazil's national sport is futebol or soccer.

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Q: What is the national sport of Brazil?
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What is Brazil's national sport?

The national sport of Brazil is football, but if you are in the America region it is most commonly referred as soccer.

Is soccer Brazil's national sport?

Yes, it is.

What is the National sport played in Brazil?

Soccer! lol. I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soccer. `wariolink`

What does Brazil soccer team represent?

Brazil's soccer team represents the nation in international tournaments. It is a huge sport in Brazil, so the team is a major part of Brazil's national pride.

Is there a sport from Brazil?

Soccer is the most popular sport from Brazil.

Most popular sport in Brazil?

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil.Soccer.The most popular sport in Brazil is football.

What is England's national sport?

Football is the highest watched and voted their national sport

Who is the national bird of Brazil?

The Sabià (or the Thrush) is the national bird of Brazil.

Is there a team named Brazil?

Yes Brazil Grêmio Sport, better known as Brazil Pelotas

Is hockey or Lacrosse Canada's National sport?

Hockey is the national winter sport, and lacrosse is the national summer sport.

What is the national game of Brazil?

The national game of Brazil would be soccer, or football.

When was National Library of Brazil created?

National Library of Brazil was created in 1810.