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The national game of Brazil would be soccer, or football.

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Q: What is the national game of Brazil?
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Football is national game of which country?


How many soccer players are in the country of Brazil?

This is hard to answer as football is the national game of Brazil.

Football is a national game of which country?

Soccer is the nat ional game of both Italy and Brazil.

When was National Library of Brazil created?

National Library of Brazil was created in 1810.

When was National Museum of Brazil created?

National Museum of Brazil was created in 1818.

Who is the national bird of Brazil?

The Sabià (or the Thrush) is the national bird of Brazil.

Does Brazil have any national parks or monuments?

Yes Brazil has national parks or monuments...

What is Brazil's anamal?

Brazil does not have a national animal. However, they do have a national bird. The national bird of Brazil is the Rufous-bellied Thrush, a small songbird that is blue with an orange belly.

When was National labor Party - Brazil - created?

National Labour Party - Brazil - was created in 1945.

When was National Historical Museum - Brazil - created?

National Historical Museum - Brazil - was created in 1922.

Who is the national hero in Brazil?

Don´t have in Brazil

Is Brazil French?

In Brazil, the national language is Portugese.

What is Brazil's national music?


What are Brazil's national parks called in Brazil?

Brazil's nationa parks are famous in the whole world. There are many beautiful parks in brazil like Aparados da Serra National Park, Abrolhos Marine National Park, Boa Nova National Park, Campos Gerais National Park, Furna Feia National Park, Itatiaia National Park and many more.

Who is the Minister of National Integration for Brazil?

Francisco Jose Coelho Teixeira is the Minister of National Integration for Brazil.

What is the name of Brazil's National Costume?


What is Brazil's national sport?

The national sport of Brazil is football, but if you are in the America region it is most commonly referred as soccer.

Who is the head coach of Brazil national football team?

Dunga is the head coach of Brazil national football team.

What is the national dish of Brazil?

my answer is that the national dish is empanada

What is Brazil's national song?

The Brazillian National Anthem

What is the country of brazil's national animal?

Brazil's national bird is the Sabia-laranjeira, also known as the Rufous-bellied Thrush. In addition, the jaguar is often associated with Brazil.

Where is the Brazil Mainstreet in Brazil Indiana located?

The address of the Brazil Mainstreet is: 203 E National Ave, Brazil, IN 47834-2627

What is the name of the brazil national anthem?

Brazilian National Anthem.

National pathways in Brazil football?

Yes exist Test for children to became a Soccer player in many national teams in Brazil

National dress of brazil?

There is no one national dress of Brazil. What people wear depends on where in Brazil they live. For festivals and parades, often the dress is long, and flowing with bright colored accents.

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