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Well, its probably Cricket! Cause They're Some Cricket Games on TV!

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Q: What is the natinal game of srilanka?
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What is the national game of sri linka?

Sri lanka is famous for cricket. But the game of srilanka is volleyball.

What is the sport called cricket?

It is a team game. It is very popular in srilanka.

Who won the cricket game yestarday?

On march7th2012 the game with srilanka vs. Australia the winner was Australia so they have won the final game

Father of it in srilanka?

Father of it in srilanka is lord shiva . country of srilanka gifted to rawan

Who will win the Srilanka vs India series?


What are the major imports and exports of srilanka?

exports of srilanka

Which is the most popular sport in srilanka?

cricket is the most popular game in sri lanka Piyush Gambhir IV

Does Justine Bieber know Srilanka?

yes he know all about srilanka

Was Yellow Stone natinal park the first natinal park?

yes yellow stone was the first nation park

Where can i foud ivsaur in Pokemon diamon for my natinal pokedex?

you can foud ivsaur in Pokemon diamon in route 225 for your natinal pokedex

What do you know about ethnic problem in Srilanka?

SriLanka actually does have an ethnic problem on Tamil people

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India is the diamond of Asia.