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okay im really sorry i deleted your answer but calling Brittany a dumb blonde is ignorant and she has a really nice character, to answer the question Santana Lopez is the one with black hair, Brittany Pear has dark blonde hair, and Quinn Fabray is the really pretty one with golden blonde hair

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Finn, Puck, Matt, and Mike. Mike was referred to as "other Asian" by Sue in episode 7 (throwdown), and Matt is the one with exactly 2 lines in the whole first season.

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OK let me get this straight if you even watch or pay ANY attention to Glee the cheer leading squads name is Cheerios...

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Q: What is the names of the main cheerleaders in glee?
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Who is in the cheerleaders club in glee?

The cheerleaders in Glee are called the "Cheerios"

Who did Rosanna Pasino play on glee?

On Glee, Rosanna Pasino plays one of the Cheerios(the cheerleaders) as an extra.

Who are the background cheerleaders for glee?

Like, Brittany and Santana in season 1?

What do cheerleaders sing when they are auditioning for Glee?

The Cheerleaders sing, Say A Little Pray For You But it is mainly Quinn singing and Brittany and Santana dancing

What is the song the cheerleaders in glee perform to in power of Madonna?

4 Minutes, originally by Madonna and Justin Timberlake

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Where can you find cheerleader from glee?

there are many cheerleaders on Glee but you're most likely talking about the one who got pregnant Quinn otheriwse known as her real name Dianna Argon ♥

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What are the names every single glee song?

forget you.

What are the names of all the glee cds?

Glee: Volume 1 Glee: Volume 2 Power of Madonna Rocky Horror Picture Show Glee: Volume 3 ShowStoppers Glee: Volume 4 (comes out Nov. 30) Glee: Journey to Regionals