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Q: What is the name the bat used in polo?
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What is another name for underwater hockey?

Water Polo? No the original name for underwater hockey is Octopush, it was discovered in 1954 and called this as it is played with 8 players and the bat used is called a pusher

Baseball is to bat as polo is to?


What was the name of the ship that Marco polo used?

All I know is that he used a clipper ship

What is the birth name of Encarnita Polo?

Encarnita Polo's birth name is Encarna Polo Oliva.

What is the birth name of Polo Aledo?

Polo Aledo's birth name is Gonzlez-Aledo, Polo.

What is the birth name of Teri Polo?

Teri Polo's birth name is Theresa Elizabeth Polo.

What is the birth name of Gonzalo Polo?

Gonzalo Polo's birth name is Gonzalo Polo y Bombn.

What is Marco polo father name?

Niccolò Polo

What is the name of a game play on horseback?

Polo is one such game. It is a bit like croquet in that a wooden mallet is used to drive a ball.

What is the last name of Marco polo?

His last name was Polo. Atleast that was his name when I did a report on him...?

What actress has the name Polo?

Teri Polo.

What is Marco Polo's mother's name?

Marco Polo's wife's name was Shayne Lisa Polo