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a conductor

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Q: What is the name person who leads the orchestra?
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A person who leads an orchestra is called a?

Conductor :)

A person who leads an orchestra is called an?


what is the answer to a person who leads or guides an orchestra?


A person who leads an orchestra is called a what?


What is the name given to a person who guides an orchestra?


What role does the conductor play?

Leads the orchestra

What does the conductor of an orchestra literally do?

The conductor leads and guides the orchestra to keep in time and everything.

What is one called who leads a musical group?

the leader of an orchestra can either be called a concerto or a conductor.hope that answers your question!

What does the leader of the violin do?

I'm assuming that you mean the concertmaster, or the person in the first chair of the first violin section in an orchestra. The concertmaster is the most violinist in the orchestra and leads the section. He makes decisions about bowings, fingerings, and playing style for the 1st violins. In a concert, the concertmaster emerges just before the concert begins and takes a bow on behalf of the orchestra. He also leads the orchestra in turning and is responsible for playing solo sections in orchestral music.

A person whos leads or guides an orchestra or train?

That would be a conductor.

Which person leads musicians in tuning there instruments?

Usually it's the principal oboe. In case of a piano concerto, the orchestra will tune to the piano.

What sort of instrument or tool does a conducter use to guide an orchestra?

A conductor leads the orchestra with a baton.