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Synchronized Swimming.

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Q: What is the name of women's team swimming event that is like dancing in water?
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In Which swimming event do you begin in the water?


When was the open water swimming event introduced to the Olympics?


Which indoor swimming event do the swimmers start in the water?


In which swimming event do the swimmers star in the water?

Back stroke

In the Olympics what is the name of a swimming pool event?

There are a few events that take place in the swimming pool at the Olympics * Swimming * Diving * Synchronised Swimming * Water Polo

Is swimming an Olympic sport?

AnswerYes swimming is an olympic summer sport, there are different water activities like diving, length swimming etc. and the mens and womens are separate as always! Swimming has many different events in the olympics.AnswerYes, swimming has been competed in the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Games in 1896.

A summer olympic avent?

Fencing is a summer olympic event, as well as swimming, canoeing, water polo, etc.

Where can you find salt water pools that are used for competitive swimming?

There aren't any. Salt water is bad for swimming competitively because the salt in the water burns the swimmers skin after a while in the water and they because dehydrated and they become thirsty. But if you were to conduct a event where there was a need for a salt water pool then you could probably make the event in a shark-free part of the ocean.

When was Dancing in Water created?

Dancing in Water was created in 1985.

How swimming is played?

Swimming can't really be played. Swimming is more of a social event. You can swim for sport but its simply a timed race of a set stroke over a certain distance. E.g 50m Butterfly. Swimming is used, however, in sports such as water polo.

What is the duration of Dancing in Water?

The duration of Dancing in Water is 1.87 hours.

What is the longest swimming event for women at the olympics?

That is the 10k Open Water event that debuted at the 2008 Games in Beijing. Lara Ilchenko of Russia won the gold medal in a time of 59 minutes, 27.7 seconds. Prior to the 2008 Olympics, the longest swimming event for women was the 800 meter freestyle.

Which Olympic sports have water in them?

Swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo.

Is a swimming pool water a solute or a solvent?

Swimming pool water is JUST water. Water is usually a solvent.

Which 2012 swimming olympics event held outside?

The two 10 km open-water marathons in Hyde Park's Serpentine lake.

How do you get a swimming pool ready for swimming?

put water in it

What swimming races start off in the water?

Their are only two races that start in the water. Any backstroke event and any length medley relay (which starts with backstroke too)

Which is water sport at the Olympics?

* Swimming (including open water) * Diving * Water Polo * Synchronised Swimming

Do Swimming Pools Just contain water?

No. Swimming Pools contain water with chlorine

What event in the Olympics is the furthest in miles?

Track and Field: 50k walk Swimming: 10k open water Cycling: Road race Overall: Triathalon

Which sports are practiced in water?

Swimming, diving, synchronize swimming

What are aquatic sports?

swimming, water polo, syncronized swimming, kiaking, diving, canoeing, rowing and surfing swimming, water polo, syncronized swimming, kiaking, diving, canoeing, rowing and surfing swimming, water polo, syncronized swimming, kiaking, diving, canoeing, rowing and surfing

Can you get pregnant by swimming pool water?

Only if you have sexual intercourse while swimming. From the water itself? No.

How many aquatic sports are there?

Swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, water skiing.

Does southforest swimming baths have water slides?

Yes, Southforest swimming baths have water slides.