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The name of the Kansas City Royals' home stadium is called Kauffman Stadium.

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Q: What is the name of the stadium the Kansas City Royals call home?
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Why were the kc monarchs called monarchs?

Kansas City has been host to the American Royal Livestock Show held in Kansas City every year since 1899. The name "Monarchs" (meaning 'kings') was in all probability chosen because this Kansas team wanted to identify with this venue that had made Kansas City famous across the land. It is the same reason why the present professional baseball team from KC call themselves the Royals.

What is the airport closest to Kansas City Kansas?

KCI is the closest, but it is properly named MCI. Most people call it KCI. It is in Kansas City, Missouri.

Why do they call mancester city eastlands?

also this stadium is known as "the city of Manchester stadium" they call it east lands because if you put it in google maps you will see it is in east Manchester. makes sense.

Why do they call kansas the windy city?

They don't, Chicago is the windy city.

What state is Kansas City in?

The city of "Kansas City" is divided in about half by the states of Kansas and Missouri. Some maps show two cities (two dots) on either side of the state's borders. The US Postal service provides zip codes for Kansas City KS and Kansas City MO. The capitol of Kansas is Topeka. Since a city is always a corporation, of sorts, of a State, the best way to know which State Kansas City belongs to is to call the executive office in Kansas City and ask which State they have legal allegience to. I spoke to someone on line who was in Kansas City and she said there are two Kansas Cities, one in Kansas and one in Missouri. They both have a "city hall". This setup may be a lot like St. Louis. So the answer is there are two Kansas Cities, one in Kansas and one in Missouri and they are physically divided by the state border.

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What main city in the north did the Kansas- Nebraska act call for the railroad to travel through?


Who can I call to get my fiberglass tub repaired in Kansas City?

Here's a place where you can get it repaired:

What was Gillette stadium call before?

Foxboro stadium

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Too many variables, call and ask your agent!

Which cities did the Athletics call home before moving to Oakland?

Philadelphia (1901-1954) and then Kansas City (1955-1967).

What do you call a place where you play tennis?

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Are there any great Party Supply places around Kansas City to purchase Dinosaur Train?

Brookside Party Warehouse is a great place to find party supplies in Kansas City. You will need to call ahead to order in Dinosaur Train decorations. The staff will be happy to help.

When was the last time the Kansas City Royals were in the playoffs?

1985 and "The Call" 1985 was the last time the Royals were in the playoffs. They won the World Series that year, against their cross-state rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. This series will always be remembered by the infamous blown call, by Don Denkinger, in game six, that could have essentially sealed the series for the 'Cards. Cardinal fans, to this day, will not let this go. What they fail to remember though, is that they still could have gone out and won game 7, but they didn't, losing the game 11-0. The Royals posted a 92-70 record in 1989, second best in the AL and their division, but, this was before the wild card was used in the playoffs, so they didn't advance.

Reasonable transportation costs from Kansas City airport?

Your hotel may offer a free shuttle. You should call the hotel's office and ask.

Why do they call lucas oil stadium lucos oil stadium?

Because the Lucas Oil company paid for naming rights to the stadium.

Why do they call Kansas the sunflower state?

Because sunflowers grow mostly in Kansas.

What is the frost line for Kansas City Missouri?

I would imagine it's roughly 36", but it would be easy to check with a phone call to your local building inspection and permit issuer.

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There are six Batteries Plus stores near within 30 miles of downtown Kansas City, MO. There is a toll free number (1-800-667-8278) you can call to locate which store would be the closest to you and if there are any fees for recycling batteries.

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at chinatown market at 2nd and grand. call first as they were sold out yesterday but bought some a few weeks ago.

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The Fox station in Kansas City, known for its investigative Fox 4 News investigative journalism, transmits under the call sign WDAF-TV. Ironically, though it is called Fox 4, many local cable programs assign it to Channel 6.

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Kansans A person from Kansas is called a Kansan. Or a Jayhawk

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