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It's very specific, as it has changed slightly in the last few seasons. It is "Rangers Ballpark in Arlington" ... used to be "THE Ballpark at Arlington"

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Q: What is the name of the stadium that the Texas Rangers play at in Arlington?
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What is the name of this years Super Bowl stadium?

Super Bowl XLV will be played in Cowboy's Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

What is the address of the Texas Rangers Stadium?

Originally a minor league ball park built to major league specifications so that it could be expanded for Major League, Turnpike Stadium (located half-way on the then DFW Turnpike, now Interstate 30 The Tom Landry Highway) became Arlington Stadium and was expanded when the Washington Senators were moved to Texas to become the Rangers in 1972. The team played there through 1993. In 1994 The Ball Park in Arlington was built and retained that name until 2004 when Ameriquest bought the naming rights calling it Ameriquest Field in Arlington. The club severed those rights in 2007 and the stadium has since been known as The Rangers Ball Park in Arlington.

What was baseball team name in Dallas in 1940?

no but Arlington has the Texas rangers

What was the name of the Texas Rangers baseball club before they came to Arlington?

Washington senators

Where is Arlington?

There is a significant city in Virginia named Arlington that is right outside of Washington, DC. The famous Arlington National Cemetery is there. Arlington is also a city in Texas where the Texas Rangers baseball team plays. There are other towns and villages by the name as well.

What the name of Glasgow rangers stadium?


Why are the Texas rangers called by that name?

The Texas Rangers are called that because it is apart of Texas History.

What is the team name of Dallas' baseball team?

they don't have one but they have a football team and a basketball team

Why were the Texas rangers chose as their name?

The Texas Rangers were chose as their name because they are such a good baseball team

What American league parks are named after their teams?

Four stadiums bear the name of their teams: Orioles Park Yankee Stadium Rangers Ball Park in Arlington Angeles Stadium If you want to split hairs, also; Oakland -Alameida Stadium, home of the Oakland Athletics. In the National League there are only two: Dodger Stadium and Nationals Park.

What year were the Texas Rangers established?

Since you didn't specify ... The Texas Rangers (oldest law enforcement agency in North America) was founded in 1823 by Stephen Austin. They were called rangers because of the vast amount of territory they had to ride their horses. The Texas Rangers baseball team formed in 1972 but had evolved from originally being the Washington Senators (1961-1971).

What is the name of the second largest dome in the world?

As of August 2012 the second largest dome in the World is:-The ÅŒita Bank Dome stadium in the city of ÅŒita in ÅŒita, Japan. With a diameter of 274m. It is beaten by the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA at 275m.