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Q: What is the name of the sport where athletes shoot a bow and arrow?
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Related questions

What is the name of the thing you shoot the arrow with?

a bow

What is the name of a sport where athletes throw a spear?


In Sport What name is given to the circular disc thrown by athletes?


What is the name of a sport where athletes throw a flat circle?

discus throw

What is the name of a sport where athletes throw a heavy ball?

shot put

What is the name for the international court which handles the legal problems encountered by athletes?

The Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Name a sport whose athletes wear hats?

Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Skiing

How did the Olympic sport Skeleton got its name?

Because the toboggan used by athletes resembles the human skeleton.

Any pro athletes pro at two professional sports?

Whatever sport you can name that Americans play, there is a good chance the Russians also play that sport.

What is another name for an arrow fired from a cross bow?

a BOLT is SHOT from a crossbow, you FIRE a GUN, you SHOOT a bow

What is the sport name that athletes perform a synchronized routine?

It depends, there are a few. All of them are pretty simple. Synchronized swimming Synchronized skating Synchronized diving

What type of sport was Eric Williams famous for?

There are many athletes with the name Eric Williams. The most well known athlete with that name is possibly the retired Nigerian swimmer who swam in the Olympics.

How many sport in the world and the name of all sport?

There are so many sports in the world that this would be impossible to answer. Athletes all over the world play a wide variety of sports, and sometimes new sports are made up in backyards.

Name the only Sport people watching or athletes don't know score or winner until end?

Boxing how about Kick Boxing, Wrestling (Olympic) or Mixed Martial Arts?

Name a sport that recently became popular with women athletes?

Basketball tennis soccer boxing Football

How did a shot of liquor get its name?

well this shot glass is big enough to get an arrow through but you can shoot it off someones head without injuring them only exception is to have incredibly bad aim

Scientific name of athletes foot?

tinea pedis is athletes foot scientific name

Name an olympic sport summer or winter where the athletes wear makeup?

gymnastics figure skating women's tennis synchronized swimming

What food does Olympics eat to become strong and healthy while training?

The "Olympics" is the name given to the games. Games do not eat etc, it is the athletes that participate in the Olympics that eat and train.These athletes eat a balanced diet, tailored to the sport for which they are training.As your question is muddled and because you have not specified the sport we can not provide you with more detailed information.

What does Bullet for My Valentine mean?

It basically means bullet-gun/shoot valentine - person you love. So shoot the person I love. (Or get them chocolates on Valentine's day instead!) No that is not what the name means. If you listened to the music you would know the lead singer lost someone he loved dearly. The name is a modern day take on Cupid's arrow. As in Cupid shooting an arrow through your lover's heart. Replace arrow with bullet and there you have it. That's actually from the mouth of Matthew Tuck, the lead singer of the band. The explanation portion, not my beginning 2 sentence rant.

Name a sport in which big athletes have an advantage?

Football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, hockey and hammer throw. Family Feud Answers: Football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, hockey.

Where do you find out about Portuguese Olympic athletes?

The website for DatabaseOlympics gives information on Portugal's Olympic athletes.Specifically, the first screen for Portugal lists the sport and the number of each medals for that sport (gold, silver, bronze). Selecting the sport opens a window that gives the year/specific event/athlete/result/medal for that sport. Selecting the athlete's name from that window opens another window that lists all years that the athlete medalled, along with the athlete's age for each year, each sport, each specific event, each medal, and all results.

What is an arrow-finger?

An arrow-finger is an alternative name for the forefinger.

What is another name for a mechanical bow and arrow?

A crossbow is another name for a mechanical bow and arrow.

What do you call arrow makers?

A fletcher. Arrow makers are called "Fletchers", and that is also where the last name came from. In spanish an arrow it's called "Flecha", In resemblance of it's name un English.