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"Holiday" by Green Day (2010- 2011) Best song ever:)

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Q: What is the name of the song the canucks play after a goal?
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What is the vancover canucks goal song?

Holiday-Green Day soundtrack only

What song is played when the canucks score?

Whenever the Vancouver Canucks score on home ice, "Holiday" by "Green Day" will play.

What is the name of the pittsbugh penguins goal song?

Song 2 by Blur

What song do the Vancouver Canucks skate out to?

Magic by Selena Gomez

What song do they play when the los angeles kings make a goal?

I love LA

How do you get a copy of the song the Chicago Blackhawks play when they score a goal?

The song is "Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis. Song on their self-titled album.

What is the name of Tampa bay's goal song?

Fluxland - XL

What is the name of the Led Zeppelin song that goes ''Our only goal will be the western shore''?

The Immigrant Song

What song does the Pittsburgh Penguins play after the goal horn?

they play "Rock and Roll part 2" by Gary Glitter

Why do blackhawks play Chelsea dagger song?

The Blackhawk's players chose that song to play after a goal. Several other songs were considered but Chelsea Dagger was the winner.

What is the canucks warm up song called?

public service announcement by jay-z

What song do the Pittsburgh penguins play when they get a penalty?

The opponent's goal horn. At least they did in the Flyers series.