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shake your booty

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Q: What is the name of the song that fans sing in college basketball?
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What song do trey songz sing when fans ask him?

neighbors know my name

What do the fans sing at California football games?

During California football games, the fans will sing "Fight for California". This is the official fight song of the school with the full name University of California Berkeley (Cal).

Who do the Jonas brothers sing songs for?

Their fans!

What inspiers Selena Gomez to sing?

her fans

What does christian beadles do for fun?

Sing, and ustreaming With his fans!

Does Katy Perry likes her fans?

Of course she does. all Singers sing for their fans, not for the fame or money.

What are Taylor Swift's dreams?

my dream is to sing on stage and have all my fans sing along with me. i love the feeling that i get when i sing on stage -T-

What do the fans sing at the University of California football games?

louie louie

What song do fans sing when mitch williams steps out of the bullpen?


What song Chicago blackhawk fans sing?

"Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis

What were Michael Jackson's skills?

to dance, sing, and draw a lot of fans

What is Taylor swifts favorite song to sing in concerts?

Des LOVES ALL OF THEM...just kidding...she loves to sing any of them epically when her fans join in & sing.

When did Taylor swift start to sing in front of fans?

since she has has been 13

What wold Justin bieber do if it was a fans birthday?

i think he would sing his songs

What is the birth name of Rhonda Sing?

Rhonda Sing's birth name is Rhonda Ann Sing.

How can you hire Justin Bieber to play at your party?

He can sing 0ne time to the fans that are big fans of Justin Bieber and i can hire him to do a concert in the backyard

How did the prison Sing Sing get its name?

Sing Sing's name comes from the Indian phrase sin sinck. It means stone on stone.

Why do football fans sing ring of fire?

You can't sing 'ring of fire' as the Dario G version, played at football grounds, has no words.

What do the English football fans sing?

They sing "We love you Wales, we do. We love you Wales, we do. We love you Wales, we do. Oh Wales, we love you!" at most matches.

Why do fans sing at football matches?

To encourage their team, and to suceed in winning the match/matches.

Is Rihanna on drugs?

Of course not! She's a normal celebrity that likes to Sing Dance and her Fans.

Why do rugby fans sing swing low sweet chariot?

something to do with slaves in the us

What did Justin Bieber do for his fans?

well he sing for them he loves them all his heart plus ily

Why did Selena Gomez sing who says?

because jealous belieber fans gave her threats .

What are 3 thing that influences mindless behavior to sing?

the fans and their dance moves and the talent