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Q: What is the name of the school presented in the film Coach Carter?
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Who are characters from the 2005 film Coach Carter?

Coach Carter is a 2005 American sports drama film centered around the character of basketball coach Ken Carter. Carter is portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

Who played coach ken Carter in the film coach Carter?

Samuel L. Jackson

What is the duration of John Carter film?

The duration of John Carter - film - is 2.2 hours.

When was John Carter - film - created?

John Carter - film - was created on 2012-03-06.

When did Maurice Carter - film designer - die?

Maurice Carter - film designer - died in 2000.

When was Maurice Carter - film designer - born?

Maurice Carter - film designer - was born in 1913.

Who played Carter in the film get Carter?

Michael Caine played Jack Carter in the 1971 file Get Carter

What does it mean when films are presented in letterboxes?

When films are presented in letterboxes, it means that the film is transferred in a certain way. Films that are presented in letterboxes are presented in wide screen.

How many labors happen in the Disney film Hercules?

There were actually 11 presented in the film.

What is psychological closure in film making?

When the mind fills in missing visual information that is not presented in the film.

Which singer features on the song Hope by Twista?

"Hope" is a song performed by Twista and features Faith Evans performing the chorus. The music video of the song, in a typical promotional music video fashion, features clips of the film Coach Carter.

Was the ally carter book don't judge a girl by her cover made into a film?

No, the Ally Carter book "Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover" has not been made into a film. It is part of the Gallagher Girls series, which has not been adapted for the screen.