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flea flicker

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Q: What is the name of the play when the wide receiver drops back?
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After being forced out can a receiver come back in bounds and catch the ball?

No if you play for Tampa bay

Who played quarterback and receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Kordell Stewart, nicknamed 'Slash', was able to play quarterback, wide receiver and running back during his career.

What position does trindon holliday play for LSU football?

Running back, wide receiver and kick returner.

Is it legal to pass to the running back and then the running back passes to a wide receiver?

Only one forward pass is allowed per play where there is no limit to the number of lateral passes per play (a lateral pass being one that travels parallel or backwards to the line of scrimmage). If the pass to the running back is a lateral pass, the running back is allowed to throw a forward pass to the receiver. If the pass to the running back is a forward pass, the running back is not allowed to throw a forward pass to the receiver.

What is the longest single play in the nfl?

The longest play you can make in the NFL is for a receiver in the end zone to run a kickoff back for a touchdown. A lot of players have done it.

Should I play halfback or wide receiver?

half back it is way more fun with wide receiver you usually only get the ball for a few seconds and then you get tackled with half back you can run the ball for some big yards or get a pass for about 5 i played lineman in my second year. then half back in my third i may never go back

A play at the plate catcher drops the ball on the base runner not the ground and put it back in their glove is it a catch or a dropped ball?

its a catch

What position does Chad Johnson play for the Cincinnati Bengals?

Technically Chad Johnson does not play for the Cincinnati Bengals, as he had his name legally changed to Ochocinco Johnson, but he is a wide receiver.

What does the term FL mean behind a players name on a roster?

FL is short for flanker, a type of wide receiver. Another abbreviation for a different position that a wide receiver can play is SE, for split end.

What does play-action mean?

Actually, it is called 'play action' or 'play action pass' and that is when the quarterback fakes a hand off to a running back and then drops back to throw the ball. It is also called a 'play fake'.

Which unit does the wide receiver play for?

The offense.

What position does ochocinco play?

Wide Receiver