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The Patriot on the helmet does not have an official name but is unofficially referred to as "Flying Elvis." The mascot's name is Pat Patriot.

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Q: What is the name of the patriot on the New England patriot helmet?
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What is on the New England Patriots helmet?

it is the picture of a patriot

How long has the patriot had there name?

The New England Patriots have had the name Patriots since 1960. They were originally named the Boston Patriots, but in 1971 it was changed to the New England Patriots.

New England patriot What state do they belong to?

The New England Patriots play for New England.

What state did the New England patriot from?

Massachussettes is a Patriot State.

Where are the patriot football team from?

New England

What is Tom Brady's real name?

If you are refering to the New England Patriot's quarterback his name at birth was Thomas Edward Brady, Jr. == ==

What was the nick name of Matt cassel the New England patriot quarterback when he played little league?

baby T.O.

Why don't all New England Patriot players have the number 21 black circle on their helmets and why were some wearing 91?

The players choose whether or not to wear the numbers of fallen NFL players during the season. New England is not the only team to choose not to wear Sean Taylor's number on the back of their helmet. The 91 on the back of New England's helmet represents the number of their teammate Marquise Hill who died during the summer of 2007 in a boating accident.

Was there ever a New England patriot named Jai?

No, there are no former or current Patriot players named Jai.

Why is steven tyler at the patriot games?

He's from New England.

What was David Givens number as a New England patriot?


What years was the New England patriot dynasty?