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HemisFair Arena in San Antonio, Texas

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Q: What is the name of the old arena the San Antonio Spurs basketball team used to play in?
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What is the name of the spurs arena?

The name of the arena is AT&T center.

What is the full name of spurs?

San Antonio Spurs.

What was the name of the spurs stadium before the alamodome?

The Spurs played in the HemisFair Arena when they arrived in San Antonio in 1973. They moved to the Alamodome in 1993, and to their current home at the AT&T Center in 2002.

What is the name of the arena in San Antonio?

The arena in San Antonio is called AT&T Center.

Who are the old san antionio spurs?

The mediocre Dallas Chaparrals of the old ABA (American Basketball Assn.) were a dissappointment to their wealthy owner base. In 1973, a few wealthy San Antonio businessmen "rented" the team for a year, moving them to the HemisFair Arena in San Antonio. A fan contest for a new name was held with "Spurs" being the eventual winnr. Three years later, the ABA melted into the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs being the first survivor to win the NBA Championship. Being an "Original Spurs Fan" has been a great experience... and none of the names I submitted have the impact and originality of the "Spurs" winning entry.

What is the name of the arena for basketball?

a basketball court

What is the name of Atlanta Hawks Basketball Arena?

Phillips Arena.

Where is Joe Joe Hill that played basketball against Texas Western?

actually his name is Bobby Joe Hill and he is the coach of the NBA team San Antonio Spurs.

What is the name of the old San Antonio Spurs stadium?

The Alamo Dome

Did a local fan name the San Antonio Spurs?

No. The Dallas Chaparrals of the ABA, originally changed cities and names to the San Antonio Spurs. Then later changed leagues. (From ABA-NBA)

What is the name of Ohio state university arena where they play basketball?

Value City Arena

What is the name of arena for Indiana basketball?

The Conseco Fieldhouse