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It is the "BCS National Championship Game."

Beginning with the January 2015 game it will be referred to as "College Football Playoff Championship Game".

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Q: What is the name of the national championship football game?
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What is the name of a football championship?

A football championship?

Name all the ncaa football teams never won a national championship?


Name of bowl game LSU vs OSU?

BCS national championship game

What is a good title for the national championship game in a story?

Games are usually called things like "The National Championship" so just call it that. You could call it "The ____ National Championship" if you want to include the name of the country or area where the game is held.

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What was the name of the song that saracuse lacrosse played after they scored a goal in the 09 national championship game?

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What is the name of the trophy given to the NFL team that wins the national football conference championship game?

George Halas Trophy. The trophy is named after the long time player, owner, and head coach of the Chicago Bears.

What is the name of the championship for American football?

The Super Bowl

What was a football championship called before the superbowl?

Before it was called the Super Bowl, the NFL's championship game was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game for the first two games. The name Super Bowl was put into use for Super Bowl III.

Who invented football game name them?

who invented football game name them

Which college football bowl game is considered the official national championship?

It rotates between 4 or now maybe 5 different bowl games. Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Rose and I believe a new historic bowl was added this last year. As of the 2006 season, the BCS National Championship game is a separate game from all four of the other BCS bowls. It is called the "BCS National Championship Game". The site of the game rotates between the sites of the other four BCS games, but the name of the contest remains the same. The 2007 national championship game (actually to be played in 2008) will be in the Louisiana Superdome (site of the Sugar Bowl). The date of the game is 1 week after the BCS game played at the same site (though, for some reason, this year's game will be on Jan 7, just 6 days after the Sugar Bowl.)

In what year was the National Football League founded?

The National Football League was founded in 1920 under the name American Professional Football Association. The name was changed to National Football League in 1922.

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