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Q: What is the name of the machine that clears ski slopes?
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Which ski slopes in Canada are most popular?

There are a couple of popular ski slopes in Canada. Some of those ski slopes are located at the following resorts: Kicking Horse Resort, Fernie Alpine Resort, and Red Resort.

Can you ski in the Netherlands?

Yes you can ski in the Netherlands. They have a number of indoor ski resorts and dry slopes.

What is better Australian ski slopes or New Zealand ski slopes?

i don't know that's a hard question i might have to say Australia

What is Dentix?

What they use for dry ski slopes

How many ski slopes are there in Alpendorf?


What is a good description of Soll?

Small with lively nightlife, long distance to Slopes. Slopes part of Ski Welt, largest ski and snowboarding place in da world!!

What can an avalanche do to a ski resort?

Could probably damage slopes and terrains. or worst, ski facilities like ski lifts.

What is the voice of the verb in this sentence The ski slopes are groomed daily?

The voice of the verb "are groomed" in the sentence is passive. It focuses on the action being done to the ski slopes by an unspecified subject.

Where is Keystone Ski Resort in relation to the slopes?

Keystone Ski Resort is located in the the Rocky Mountains. The resort is walking distance to many different ski trails and slopes. It has three different mountain peaks that can be skied while staying at Keystone.

Does Breckenridge Ski Resort have a ski school for children?

The Brekenridge Ski Resort, similar to most ski resorts, offers begginer and intermediate ski schools that children can take to learn how to ski on the slopes.

Why are simple ski slopes refereed to as bunny slopes?

because they are so easy that's the truth. and they are for little kids not adults

What is an easy sentence for slope?

Ski slopes get slippery when used a lot.