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The hat is actually a type of cowboy hat called a "Boss of the Plains" worn in the traditional manner (flat brim open crown). This is because the Undertaker's original character was modeled after an old western mortician.

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Q: What is the name of the hat the Undertaker wears in his ring entrance?
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You just typed it

What does the undertaker's ring name mean?

a funeral director.

Is undertaker is really a deadman?

no that's just his ring name

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Does Melina Perez wear thongs?

When Melina Perez was in the WWE she would perform her ring entrance. You could see various times that she wears thongs.

How does undertaker suddenly disaper from the ring?

They have a trap door inside the ring.

What was the Undertaker's entrance like when he first became a wrestler?

When Calaway first wrestled under the persona "The Undertaker" he first wore a Stetson hat with a grey ring, a black overcoat, black leather gloves. (later changed to grey leather gloves)

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During the Undertaker's "Big Evil" stage, he entered the arena on a Harley Davidson. He does not do this anymore, and no WWE superstar enters the ring this way anymore.

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