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the memorial Golf course

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Q: What is the name of the golf course that jack nicklaus built?
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What did Jack nicklaus do?

Jack Nicklaus is a golf legend. He currently holds the record for most golf majors won at 18. Tiger Woods has focused on breaking Jack Nicklaus' record in majors and has won 14 majors thus far. Jack Nicklaus is well known also off golf course in golf course design, philanthropy, and the dedication to promoting the game of golf. He recently lobbied successfully to get golf into the Olympics and is widely viewed as the model for sportsmanship.

Which golfer-architect built the very first golf course on a Federal EPA Super-fund site?

Jack Nicklaus, Old Works Golf Coures - Anaconda, Montana.

Who has won the most major championships in golf?

Jack Nicklaus with 6.

Did jack nicklaus enter the world golf hall of fame?

In 1974 Jack Nicklaus was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Did Jack Nicklaus ever throw a golf club at the Masters?

Answer by FutureLPGAgolferIt says that he did in Google on the Grand Haven Golf Course. (I didn't know that!)

Where can you get shark golf balls?

Jack Nicklaus

Where is Gut Altentann golf course?

Gut Altentann GC is located in Salzberg, Austria. It is the first course Jack Nicklaus designed in Europe.

How many masters tourments has jack nicklaus golf in?

Jack Nicklaus has 18 wins in several championships but I don't know if how many are for master tournaments.. ----------------- Golf Packages | Golf Vacation | Golfzoo

Who has the most wins in golf?

Jack Nicklaus with 18.

How old is Jack Nicklaus?

Jack Nicklaus was born on January 21, 1940

Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1972?

Jack Nicklaus.

Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1966?

Jack Nicklaus