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risk, stratego, your mom

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Q: What is the name of the game played on a world map?
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What type of map shows the name of countries?

a world map

How can you play on your own forge map in halo reach?

When you have finished making a map in forge, press start and click, "Save Map" It should ask you what do you want to name your map and make it's description. Afterwards, exit the game. Go into Custom Games, and select the map you built yours on, ex; Forge World, -Your Map here-. Click on it and start the game. You are playing on your own map.

What was the name of the first person to make a World map?

Chinese mercator also made a map of the world

What happened when a map maker put Vespucci's name on his 1507 map of the world?

When the mapmaker German printed the map was that Vespucci name became forever attached to the New World and that is were his trouble began.

Is there going to be a map pack 3 for cod world at war?

yes there was a third map pack for the game

How do you play at one of your custom places online in Halo Reach?

custom game....clik on select map then clik on the mapyou choose to edit then clik on its name, wait for it to load and enjoyeg.i make a map on forgesave it as: halo gamethe map i used: was forge worlddecription i gave it was:O_oi clik on forge world then name halo game that has the description O_o

How do you play with people on costom games in minecraft?

Custom maps? You will have to setup a server, download the map and replace "world" folder with the custom map (Must be renamed to "world".) Or you can play on my server and we can set something up. I will setup world file and all that. Just tell me the map and your IGN! (In game name.) Email me at:

How do you create a custom game mode on Halo Reach?

There is an option on the main screen to go into Forge World. There you can pick any map that you want to create a custom game in. You get a "budget" on items you can put in the map do to only a certain amount of storage on a map. When you are done you can set the game to a certain game mode that it needs to be played on for it to work. Now if your talking about creating a game mode like team swat, fire fight, etc. you cant only Bungie does that.

Name a type of world map - family feud?


What game world at war or COD5 has Der riese?

COD5 is not a game it is slang and a made up name from before Call of Duty World at War's (WAW) name was known and is still being used by some individuals.Der Riese is a zombie map in Map Pack 3 to WAW along with 4 other multiplayer maps and can be purchased only from the Playstation Store or Xbox Marketplace for the WAW. It is also available for Black Ops and can be purchased as part of the Rezurrection map pack for the PC, PS3 , and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Nintendo Games do not have a option to purchase Map Packs for Black Ops or World at War and neither does the PS2 Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts.

How is the game Heroclix played?

The game Heroclix is played using collectable miniatures. Each player selects a team of characters and then battle an opponent on a grid based map. The game was released in 2002.

How do you get Luigi on the game new Super Mario Brothers?

Complete the game as Mario, then press Select on the World Map.