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Stade de France

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Q: What is the name of the french national football stadium just outside of Paris?
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What is the name France football stadium?

The French national stadium located in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, is simply called 'le stade de France'

A french football stadium is?

The french have accents but as I have an English keyboard I cant do it properly but the French call a football stadium "Le stade de foot". but with accents.

What is the name of the famous French football stadium?

It is The Charles De Gaulle stadium.

Who is the coach of the French National Football team?

Raymond Domenech is the current coach of the French national football team.

How do you say this is a good football stadium in French?

"C'est un bon stade de football"

How do you say football stadium in French?

"un stade de foot / un stade de football"

What is France's national stadium called?

The French national stadium in Saint-Denis, just north of Paris, is called 'le Stade de France'

What is the name of the national stadium just outside Paris?

the national French stadium in Saint-Denis, near Paris, is simply called "stade de France". One underground station (line 13) and two RER stations (regional trains) in short walking distance can bring you from and to Paris in a few minutes.

What is the name of the french national football team?

The Blues

Colour of the french national football team shirts?


Who is the manager of the french national football team?

Laurent Blanc

Is there a famous sport in Paris?

Both Rugby Union and Football are popular sports in Paris. The French national sides both play their home games at the Stade de France in the St. Denis area. French rugby club Stade Francais play their home games at the stadium. There are also professional football clubs in Paris, the most famous of which is Paris St. Germain who play in Ligue1 of the French league.

What are the french national football and rugby team known as?

Les Bleus

5 What is the nickname of the French national rugby and football teams?

Les Bleus

What is the french national sport?

Football and Rugby are the two main sports in France. (Although everyone knows that the national sport is going on strike.)

How many times has the french national football team won the world cup?

Once, in 1998.

How do you say stadium in french?

Un stade.To say stadium in French, you say, "la stade"

What is Karim Benzema most famous for?

Karim Mostafa Benzema is a French international football player. He is famous for playing for some of the most popular football clubs in the world, like Real Madrid and Lyon and for playing for the French national team.

What are all the players called in the national french football team called?

It is The Les Blues or The Blues due to their blue jerseys.

What is the nickname for the french football?

there is not a nickname for french football.

Is there any player who wears the number 39 in football soccer?

Nicolas Anelka for the French national team & Chelsea FC.

How do you say play football in french?

to play football is jouer au foot, jouer au football in French. To play football - Jouer au foot ball in french

How do you say outside in French?

Outside is "dehors" in French.

What is the French word for the English word Soccer?

football, like in the United Kingdom. Use "football américain" if you want French people to think of what Americans call football.The French word for it is football. The French do not translate the word football and just directly say le football when they are talking about football.

Who was the French football champions 1948?

The French football champions in 1948 were the French Stade Reims.