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The name of the French coach is arsene Wenger.

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Q: What is the name of the french coach for arsenal?
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Which football coach is called teacher?

It is the French coach of arsenal Arsene Wenger, he is called a professor.

Who was former arsenal coach?

Miley Cyrus

Does arsenal coach has share in arsenal?

The main ones are mr Usm,inov and Mr kronke.

What is the name of the french womens rugby team coach?


How long is a coach from London to arsenal?

Arsenal is in London. It is in North London in the Borough of Islington. It is outside the CBD of London.

When Arsene Wenger become the coach of Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger was appointed as the manager of Arsenal Football Club in 1996.

When did My French Coach happen?

My French Coach happened in 2007.

When was My French Coach created?

My French Coach was created in 2007.

Who is Wenger?

Arsene Wenger is the coach of Arsenal Football Club in England.

Is arsenal a french word?

No, arsenal is an English word that has similar meaning as armory

How was the name arsenal created?

It is because at arsenal the army arsenal was there.

What is former Arsenal manager George Graham doing now?

Coach of aberdeen