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Double Dribble

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Q: What is the name of the foul dribbling with 2 hands Double dribble?
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Is it double dribble in basketball when you pick up the ball and start dribbling?

a double dribble is when you start dribbling than you stop to try to pass the ball to another player and you can not see anyone to pass it to than you just start dribbling again it is a double dribble or a foul and its a throw in for the other team

What is the foul when you dribble stop then dribble again?

Double Dribble

Is double dribbling a violation or a foul?


What are the penalties for basketball?

They are foul,double dribble, and traveling.

Is double dribble in basketball a foul?

Yes, double dribbles and travels count as fouls.

What is dribbling the basketball with one hand called?

Since dribbling the basketball with TWO hands is called a foul, dribbling with ONE hand must be just dribbling. IS there a special name for one-handed dribbling?

What are some of the important rules for basketball?

don't travel (take 3 steps without dribbling), don't double dribble (Dribble, pick the ball up, then dribble again), don't foul the shooter (make contact with the shooter while shooting that changes the course of the ball), don't go out of bounds.

Is it called a flag when you double dribble in basketball?

No it is called a foul, flags are for football

What are the four types of foul?

personal technical charging flagrant shooting double dribbling

What is the penalty for double dribbling and traveling in basketball?

Travelling and double dribbling is not a foul though you get a turnover. This is when there is a mistake made by a player and the ball is handed over to the other team.

What is foul in basketball?

If by what is foul, you mean "what is A foul in basketball" then there is deffinently more than one. The basic fouls are: Double dribble- if you dribble the ball, and then stop dribbling, but then dribble it again, that's a double dribble, and then the other team gets the ball. Charging foul- if you have the ball, and you're running down the court, and you go for a lay up or dunk, and you charge your defender like a bull, that a charging foul, and the other team gets the ball. Goal tending- If someone shoots the basket, and it is about to or almost would have gone in the basket, and you just smack the ball away or out of the rim, it's an automatic 2-points for the offensive team. There are many, many other fouls in the game of basketball. If you can, you might want to Google this question. I hoped this helped. Sincerely, ID

Why do you need to dribble the ball in basketball?

It is just the rules. If you don't, you will get a foul and the other team will get the ball. This is called traveling.Traveling is when you run or walk with the ball, without dribbling. That is why its important to dribble. There is no reasoning for it, it's just the way the game is played.Hope this helps!

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