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Mia Hamm was the first woman to play soccer

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Q: What is the name of the first female soccer player?
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What is the name of the first Australian soccer player to play for Liverpool?

The name of the first Austrailian soccer player to play for Liverpool was Craig Johnson

What is the soccer player Rooney's first name?


What is the the soccer player bales first name?

Gareth, his name is Gareth Bales.

Can you name a famous soccer player with their first name beginning with a?

Alex oxlade chamberlain

Soccer player whose first name starts with a q?

Quinton Fortune

Soccer player whose first name starts with a c?

Cristiano Ronaldo

What is the soccer player Neymar's first name?

his full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Name a famous football player with their first name beginning with Q?

Quinton Fortune "if you are refairing to soccer"

Name the first Indian player to play International Soccer with boots?

sachin tendulkar snr.

What is the portuguese soccer player KaKa real name?

First of all kaka is a Brazilian footballer.

What soccer player's first name is Xavi?

Midfielder Xavier (Xavi) hernandez. Former FC Barcelona player and captain and Spanish international player.

Is Tory a male's or female's first name?

Its mostly a female's first name but it can also be a male's female

Famous soccer players whose name starts with r?

Roberto Carlos is a famous Spanish soccer player. Alvaro Recoba is a famous soccer player. Ronaldo is a famous Brazilian soccer player.

What is the soccer player ronaldinho's mom's name?


Famous soccer player name starts with A?


What is name of a player who replaces another player during the game of soccer?


What is the name of the soccer player that headbutted another player?

Zidane hes a leg

Is there a soccer player whose name starts with k?

Is there a player who starts with k

What was the first original name of soccer?


What are the real name of the Brazilian soccer player?

Ronaldo kerim

What was the name of the dutch soccer player sunglasses?

Edgar Davids.

Name for a skill-full Brazilian soccer player?


Is the first name Lama male or female?


Is joyce a male or female first name?


Is there a Irish professional soccer player with ADHD?

There is one, the player's name is Roy Keane.