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Pre-Season (aka Spring Training) games are played at Hohokam Park in Mesa, AZ. To preempt the next question, Hohokam means "those who have vanished" in the local Native American tongue.

They practice during spring training at Fitch Park which is a few blocks away from HoHoKam Park.

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Q: What is the name of the field the Cubs play at for spring training?
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How did Wrigley field get its name?

The ballpark the Cubs play in was renamed from Cubs Park to Wrigley Field in 1926 after the Cubs owner at the time, William Wrigley.

What is the name of the field that the Chicago Cubs play at and when was it built?

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Weeghman Park - 1914 Cubs Park- around 1916 Wrigley Field- 1926

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When did the Chicago cubs get their name?

In 1902, the Chicago Cubs got their current name.

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The Washington Senators have a facility in Winter Garden, Florida

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