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Q: What is the name of the father of Alex Rodriguez?
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Who influenced Alex Rodriguez to play baseball?

His father Victor Rodriguez

What is Alex Rodriguez's brother's name?

Alex has two half brothers. Joe Dunand Sr. is from Alex's mother's first marriage. His other half brother Victor Rodriguez Jr. is from his father's previous marriage.

What is Alex Rodriguez's name?

Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez.

What is Alex Rodriguez middle name?

Alex's middle name is Emmanuel

What is Alex Rodriguez birth name?

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez

Who is Lourdes Rodriguez mom and dad name?

her dads name is alex rodriguez

What is a-rod name?

Alex Rodriguez

What is Alex Rodriguez's grandson's name?

Alex doesn't have a grandson.

Alex Rodriguez middle name?


Who are the current MLB players whose last name is Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez, Sean Rodriguez, Francisco Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez, Wandy Rodriguez

Who is a famous athlete whose first name is Alex?

· Alex Rodriguez (baseball)

What is Alex Rodriguez's mother's name?

Lourdes Navarro