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It is the Brazilian Alberto Perriera.

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Q: What is the name of the coach who has coached 5 different countries in the soccer world cup?
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Who is the coach for American women's soccer team?

The WUSA National soccer team is now coached by Pia Sundhage

Who is the only head coach to coach the same team in two different cities and coach two different teams in the same city?

Ted Marchibroda : Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts & The Baltimore Ravens Coached the Baltimore Colts from 1975-1979 Coached the Indianapolis Colts from 1992-1995 Coached the Baltimore Ravens from 1996-1998

Who is the winningest coach in high school soccer history?

Terry Michler is the winningest coach in high school soccer history. Terry coached at Christian Brothers College High School in Missouri and had a total of 845 wins.

Who coached the cowboys after laundry?

A coach

When did lombardi coach redskins?

He coached them in 1969.

Why is Sir Alex Ferguson considered the best soccer coach of all time?

Sir Alex Ferguson coached the Manchester United soccer team for many years. He is often considered the best coach of all time due to his 38 championship trophies.

Who coached Maradona in his early days?

Maradona was coached as a child by the Argentinan coach Mr Menotti.

Who has coached on the NBA and NCAA level?

Pat Riley is the most known coach who has coached in both the NBA and NCAA. He is currently the coach of the Louisville Cardinals, but has coach in the NCAA for Kentucky and Louisville. He has coached in the NBA for the Lakers, the Knicks and the Heat. He has been a coaching icon.

Who coach's Igor Tikhomirov?


Who was the Philadelphia Eagles coach in 1983?

Marion Campbell was the coach for the Philadelphia Eagles coach in 1983. He coached till 1985 for the Eagles. He coached 47 games and finished with a 17 - 29 - 1 record as the Head Coach.

What are all the football teams tony dungy coached?

As an assistant coach, Dungy was with the Steelers, Chiefs, and Vikings. As a head coach, Dungy has coached for the Buccaneers and Colts.

Is there any professional coach that didn't play the sport that he coaches or coached?

in world soccer,Jose Morinho of Portugal did not play soccer in his youth.Yet,he started as an assistant to world class coaches in the world's biggest clubs. Now,he is one of the best coaches in the world,if not the best .Winning numerous domestic and European championships with different clubs in different countries.He's currently the coach of Real Madrid of Spain

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