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Maple Leafs

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Pat Riordan

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Q: What is the name of the captain of the canadian rugby team?
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Who is the captain of the Canadian rugby union team?

Pat Riordan

What is the name of the Japanese rugby team?

The current (2007) captain of Japan's Rugby team is Daisuke Ohata.

Who is former captain of Kenya rugby team?


Where do the Canadian rugby team practice?


Who is Tongas team captain for rugby?

i am the captain what u gonna do about it ..BOOO YA!

Who is the captain for Ireland's rugby team?

Brian O'Driscoll

Who is the Captain of the Romanian Rugby Team?

Marius Tincu

Who is the chiefs rugby team's captain?

Richie McCaw

Who was the captain of the England rugby team in 1888?

Robert Seddon

Who is Ireland's rugby team captain for 2011?

Brian O'Driscoll.

Who is the captain of the Argentina rugby team?

rugby sevens - SANTIAGO GOMEZ CORA. 15's rugby - Felipe Contepomi.

What is the name of the Sharks rugby team captain presently?

Im assuming you mean Sale Sharks (UK) and its Dean Schofield