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it calls boat of rowing.

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Q: What is the name of the boat used for rowing in Olympics races?
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Name for a rowing boat?

it can be called a rowing shell

What is the name of the boat used for rowing in the Olympics?

It depends on what you can afford, rowers tend to uses Empachers. (but they are really expensive)

What is the name of the person who steers a rowing boat?

If the boat has an oarsman...a Coxswain.

What is the name of the person that steers the rowing boat?


What is the name of the first oarsman in an rowing boat?


What is the name of a person rowing a boat?

The name of the people actually rowing (in the sport, crew) are just called rowers. There is also a coxswain in a boat, that doesn't row but steers the boat and directs the rowers.

There were foot races in every Olympics. Did some Olympics feature other kinds of races Name them.?

chariot racing

What is the Name for a long narrow boat?

Generally a long narrow rowing boat (varying from 1 to 8 persons) is refered to as a "rowing shell" or simply "a shell"

What is a name for a small rowing boat?

If you're thinking about rowing, the sport, then it is single scull, a one man crew.

What is the name of a long and narrow racing boat propelled by oars?

Rowing Shell.

Can you name different types of rowing races such as regattas?

Well, there are several types of rowing regattas that involve different types of racing, some are: Head races Sprint races Bumps races also, a Henley style regatta is a special case of a sprint race where only 2 boats race at the same time in a bracket elimination format.

Footraces in every Olympics did some Olympics feature other kinds of races name theme?

Chariot Racing

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