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Stayley Da Bear

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Q: What is the name of the bear mascot of the children in need appeal?
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Why is pudsey bear called pudey bear?

Pudsey Bear is the mascot of the BBC's annual fundraising marathon Children in Need, which raises over £30 ($60) million a year for childrens charities.Pudsey Bear is the mascot for the BBC Charity Children in Need. Every year they hold a TV appeal night to raise money for disadvantaged, sick or disabled children in the UK. It just so happens that it's tonight actually. Pudsey has been the mascot since 1983 (3 years after it started). He's yellow and has a spotty bandage over one eye.

What was the name of the 1980 Olympics bear cub mascot?

The Moscow Olympic bear "Misha" was developed by the renowned illustrator of children's books Victor Chizikov.

What are name of the Baylor bear mascot?


What is the official UMaine mascot?

UMaine or University of Maine's official mascot is a black bear named Bananas. However, the original mascot wasn't a black bear. It was an elephant. The black bear became the official mascot when a live black bear cub was given to the college for good luck. The mascot's name was a result of the crowd reactions to the bear.

Who is the Boston Bruins Mascot?

The Bruins mascot is a bear by the name of "Blades"

What was the name of the mascot of the 1980 moscow Olympics?

Misha the bear.

What is the name of the Toronto maple leafs mascot?

Carlton the bear

What is the mascot for the Ducks hockey team?

The Ducks hockey team mascot is Wild Wing the Duck. He has been the teams mascot since 1993. The name for the Ducks mascot was chosen from a 'Name the Mascot' contest.

What school has a bear as its logo?

University of California Berkeley: Name-the golden bears, Mascot-Oski (bear)

What is Acadia university's mascot?

The University of Maine Black Bears. The name of the mascot that shows up at the games is Bananas the black bear.

What is UC berkley's school colors and mascot?

the California bearUC Berkeley's (aka Cal) mascot is the Oski the Bear. Oski the Bear (costumed Bear) was introduced as Berkley's official mascot on September 26, 1941. Prior to this date, live bears were used as mascots. His name derives from the spirited yell, "Oski Wow-wow".

What was the name of the cartoon Chicago Bears mascot?

Staley da Bear is the name of the Chicago Bears' mascot. He is named after A. E. Staley, who originally founded the Bears' franchise with George S. Halas in 1919. For more information: