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either you're thinking of the World Series or the world Baseball classic

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Q: What is the name of the annual American baseball championship?
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What is the name of the major league baseball championship series putting the winner of the American and National Leagues?

The World Series.

What is the name of a baseball championship?

The Superbase

What is the name of the championship for American football?

The Super Bowl

Do you capitalize Annual in the First Annual Super Bowl?

You would if that were its official name. What we now know as Super Bowl I was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game and was renamed retroactively after the leagues merged.

What is the name of the seven championship games that determine the best baseball team?

The World Series.

What is the name of the annual gala hosted by the Academy of American poets?

The creative mind The creative mind

What is the name of the American International College's baseball team?

The name of the American International College baseball team is the yellow jackets. They are at the top of their league and they have 172 members on their team.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the annual flower Marigold American?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Tagetes erecta.

What is the name of a football championship?

A football championship?

What was the name of the American that started baseball?

Abner Doubleday

Can you name an American spirit distilled from hardy annual grass?

No, but I really want to hear if there is a real answer as I am working on something like it!

Why do they use the word brier in the game of curling?

The "Brier" is the common name for Canada's men's national curling championship. The winner goes on to represent Canada at the World Curling Championship. Because Canada has so many great curling teams, the Brier is the curling world's most anticipated annual event.

Why does baseball have a competition called the World Series when only American teams play in it?

Because when the term was coined, The US WAS the world of baseball. ...and it's not just American teams (unless you're using the term "American" to refer to anyone from North America). Canada has the blue jays, and used to also have the Expos until they moved to Washington and became the Nationals in 2005. However, I believe that "World Series" is only used out of habit, and the "official" name of the championship series is actually now "The Fall Classic".

What is another name for championship cricket matches?

As far as I can determine, another name for championship cricket matches is "Tests."

What is the name of the competition between the American baseball league and the national baseball league?

Ummm the All Star game?

What is the African American baseball player first name that starts with A and last name that starts with a?

adrian actonic

What is the name of the first African American baseball team?

Kansas city monarchs

How did the World Series get its name?

Baseball history shows that, beginning as far back as 1884, there were several years where post-season championship games took place. However, they were "hit or miss" until 1903. That year, the National League and the recently-established American League signed a "peace treaty" designed to end the raiding of players by each league's member clubs. Although no mention of a post-season championship series was mentioned, the presidents of the winning Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Pilgrims (known to us as the Red Sox), respectively, came up with the idea of a nine-game, post-season series to show off their teams, establishing the annual event eagerly awaited by baseball fans everywhere.The 1904 Reach Guide reported on this first official "World's Championship Series," (played in 1903) using a name first coined in 1886 by the Spalding (of athletic equipment fame) Base Ball Guide in reference to the post-season game between Chicago and St. Louis. Spalding's editor noted that since both teams were already "champions of the United States" in their respective leagues, the winner of the post-season games would be "world" champions, hence the "World's Championship Series." Spalding's continued to refer to post-season games by this name, adding that as other nations embraced baseball, their winning teams would participate in the playoffs, turning the "World's Championship Series" into a reality.

What was the previous name of the American League Baseball Los Angelse Angels?

The Anaheim Angels

Name the first african-american to play in the baseball major leagues?

Jackie robinson

Name a sport that is played on a field?

American football, baseball, soccer, field hockey

First african american major league baseball player?

His name was Jakie Robinson

What sport is called the World Series?

The " World Series" itself is not a sport. It is the championship 7 game series played between two major league baseball teams each year in october. The winner of the American League and the winner of the National League play in a "best-of-seven" series hence the name "World Series"

Who came up with Super Bowl?

The NFL and the AFL decided to meet each year for a world championship beginning in 1967. Kansas City Chief's former owner Lamar Hunt coined the term, Super Bowl as the name for this annual game.

What is the name of the first african american to play major league baseball?

Moses Fleetwood Walker