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The name of that show is Eyeshield 21.

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Q: What is the name of the animated football show on toonami?
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What was that show that was an anime about giant robots on either toonami or adult swim... it was animated?

it was probably Megas XLR it could have been Big O, or mobile suit gundam

When does sword art online 2 air on toonami?

Sao 2 has already finished airing and toonami will now show re runs on its schedule.

What is the name of the animated show watched regularly by Bart and Lisa Simpson?

Itchy and scrachy show

Did Sonic X Is Coming To Cartoon Network?

No there was a roomer that a 4th season of Sonic x was going to show on Toonami but it was obviously a joke since Toonami was canceled years ago.

What show was on before sailor moon?

Uh, well, a couple of years ago in the USA, Cartoon network had a program schedule called 'Toonami', which showed anime and such. Before sailor moon they would play a show called 'Reboot', which was a 3D animated cartoon about life in a computer. Don't know if that helps any.

Will sailor moon be on toonami?

No it will not. It won't be on toonami because it's not a kid show. You can watch the English dub on youtube but if you want to watch the ornginal (the japensese version that has subbs) then you can also watch it on youtube.

Will toonami have its own channel?

No there will not be a channel for Toonami. Cartoonnetwork ended it, but they kept one show, Naruto. If you watch it, You can see it like once every 5 months if your lucky at around 10 PM on Saturday.

What is the most watched animated show?

starwars the clone wars is the most wached animated show

Is there a kiba game on the computer?

if u mean the naruto=on if u mean the new show on toonami <no>

What s the correct name of the animated tv show aqua?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force .

What is the name of the anime show that was shown late at night on toonami and had a cat women chasing some one and in one episode she had a bath in lava?

Ctarl Ctarl from the anime series Outlaw Star .

What is the name of a tv series with a bear as the main character?

The Bernstein Bears is an animated t.v. show now.