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Goodman Diamond.

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Q: What is the name of the Wisconsin Badgers softball field?
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What is the name of the field the Wisconsin Badgers play softball on?

Goodman Diamond

What is the name of the softball field the Wisconsin badgers play on?

Robert and irvin goodman softball complex

What is the name of the Wisconsin soccer team?

the wisconsin badgers

The team name for the mascot bucky badger?

Wisconsin badgers

What is another name for the softball diamond?

A field

Softball regulation field size?

what is the name of the field what is the distance between bases

What is the name of the part of the field beyond the diamond in softball?

The outfield.

How did Wisconsin get its nick name?

Wisconsin got its nickname "the badger state" because it has so many badgers living in it. They also have vast numbers of dairy cows and use it to make a lot of cheese.

What is the name of the baseball field in Wisconsin?

The Major League park in Wisconsin is Miller Park, located in Milwaukee.

Name the position on a softball field located between the shortstop and first baseman?

the second base

What is the name of the batting circle on a softball field?

The On Deck circle, because its where the batter that is on deck stands

What is On Wisconsin?

One of the most famous school fight songs ever written. It's the fight song for the University of Wisconsin's football team. Its lyrics are: On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Plunge right through that line!Run the ball clear down the field, boystouchdown sure this time. (U rah rah)On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Fight on for her fameFight! Badgers! - fight, fight, fight!We'll win this game.On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Stand up, Badgers, sing!"Forward" is our driving spirit,Loyal voices ring.On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Raise her glowing flameStand, Fellows, let us nowSalute her name!Later on, they kept the tune, rewrote the lyrics and designated it the Wisconsin state song. Those lyrics are: On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Grand old badger state!We, thy loyal sons and daughters,Hail thee good and great.On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Champion of the right,"Forward!", our motto -God will give thee might!It's also the fight song of half the high schools in America.