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Q: What is the name of the US Open tennis theme song and who is the artist?
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What is the name of the artist for newsroom theme music?

The composer of the main theme is the great Thomas Newman.

What is the name and the artist of the big shows theme?

Brand new sin

What is the name of the artist of the theme song Written for The Hills on MTV?

Air Traffic

What is the name and who is the artist of Jeff Hardys current theme song?

No More Words by Endeverafter

What is the artist name who sang on friends tv show?

The theme song is perfromed by The Rembrandts

What is the name and artist of The Usos WWE theme song?

''Get Up'' From: Extreme Music Credit

Can you name all the tennis tournements?

grand slams: wimbledon us openaustralian open french open

What is the name of the theme tune of bad education?

It's an unreleased track from the artist Vince Pope.

What is the name of WWE kharma theme song?

Title : Bad Karma Artist : Jim Johnston

Who sings and what is the name of drew mcINTYRE'S theme song?

Name: Broken Dreams Artist: Shaman Harvest Hope That Helped!

Name the grand slams in tennis?

1. French Open 2. Australian Open 3. Wimbledon 4. U.S Open

Who is the artist of bobby lashley's theme song on RAW?

bobby lashleys theme song is "Hell will be callin your name"by mercy fall