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There official name is the United States.

Nicknames are The Yanks, The Stars and Stripes and The red, white and blue.

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Q: What is the name of the US National Soccer team?
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What is the name of the US soccer team national stadium?

The U.S. had many stadiums used for soccer, but no designated national stadium.

When was US National Soccer Team Players Association created?

US National Soccer Team Players Association was created in 1996.

Who is number 16 on the US national mens soccer team?

There isn't a number 16 currently on the United States' national mens' soccer team.

What is the US soccer team formation?

4 - 2 - 2 - 2 = 2010 U.S. National Soccer Team

Who is the best soccer player the US Men's National Soccer Team has had?

Landon Donovan.

What is the value of a soccer ball signed by 15 members of the men's US National Soccer Team?

As it's the US team, maybe about 5 - 10 thousands US$

Who is the goalie for the US soccer team?

The US Men's National Team Goal Keeper is currently Tim Howard

If you were born in US and your parents are from Mexico which national soccer team would you play for?

which ever you want to play for it can be any national team that calls you up to the national team

Who does the us womans national soccer team hate the most?


Does carli Lloyd still plays for US national team?

no she plays for alanta soccer team

What female soccer player has tattoos?

Natasha Kai from the US National Team

Biography Amy Wambaugh US National Soccer Team?

go to

What is the us national mens soccer team's goalie named?

Tim Howard

What is Alex Morgan's Soccer league?

Alex Morgan plays for Orlando Pride, which is in the National Women's Soccer League (USA). She is also a member of the US National Team.

Who is number 10 on the US national mens soccer team?

Landon Donovan is #10.

What soccer team does Jozy Altidore play for?

Jozy Altidore is an American soccer player who is currently on loan from Villarreal CF playing for Bursaspor which is a Turkish soccer team from the city of Bursa. He also plays for the US national team.

What is US womens national team?

there are national teams for many sports, but one of the most common women's national teams in the US is the soccer team. they just qualified for the world cup in 2011 which starts june. 26

When did Landon donovan become captain of the us soccer team?

Landon Donovan isn't captain of the US National Team, Carlos Bocanegra is captain.

Name three players of the US soccer team?

I think 3 people who play on the US soccer team are Landon Donovan, Dax Mccarty, and brian ching

What is the coach name for US soccer team?

Jürgen Klinsmann.

Where is the US National Team ranked in soccer in the world?

According to FIFA.COM the men's team is 21st and according to the women's team is 3rd.

What is an acronym for the US Pro Soccer organization?

USSF is the United Stated Soccer Federation. This is the national association affiliated with FIFA and which fields the US national team. There is also MLS, which stands for Major League Soccer, and is the foremost league for professional soccer in the United States.

How old was Mia Hamm when she first made the US Womens National Soccer Team?


How many years did Mia Hamm play soccer for the US National Team?

17 years

Is the Spain national soccer team going to be in the US during the 2011 preseason?

Yes, on 04.06.11.